windows-of-paris_lFor almost all of us, we have tried to improve the quality of our lives by changing external things. We have tried to find the right partner; we have tried to find the perfect house with the perfect neighbors in the perfect community. We have tried to eat the right foods to have perfect health. We have tried to make enough money to pay for this perfect life. There comes a point for many people, but not for everybody, where all of that effort starts to seem pointless. When you have rearranged the furniture enough times, and you have still not found the fulfillment you long for, you might want to try not another rearrangement but a different space in which to live.

For many of us, we then shift to a more internal inquiry. We recognize that we have emotions, reactive feelings, and beliefs that determine the quality of our lives. We try to shift negative feelings into positive feelings. We try to change dysfunctional beliefs into the kind of thoughts that will get us what we want. But that process also can lead to a dead end.collage_l

When you have run out of options for changing things, either external or internal, an approach to coaching that emphasizes shifting consciousness may become interesting for you. Such an approach is tailor-made for someone with a deep intuition of their true potential as limitless, as humorous, as radiant, and outside the game.

You may have felt inspired by experiencing that dimension in another person. Or you may have had moments in your life where you touched into it just enough that it would not leave you alone again. Most people who have such moments8183055110_354a4f7319 of inspiration find that the access to awakening is fleeting. It might come through meditation, being on a retreat, engaging in extreme sports, or having sex. But it disappears again, leaving you grasping for more.

A good Awakening Coach offers you reliable support to come back to spaciousness, again and again, and to learn how to recognize that as constantly available, just beneath the noise of day-to-day life.

Excerpt from Arjuna’s new book, Better than Sex: The Ecstatic Art of Awakening Coaching

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  1. Sile December 19, 2013 at 3:41 am // Reply

    Can not even begin to describe this exquisite beauty finding its way into all things just enough to change … Looking at the wings of the crane…


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