Living Awakening

We currently offer two on line courses to deepen your experience of my work. You can take both courses in the comfort of your own home.Most people today recognize that we live in a time of unprecedented change. Many of the political, social, philosophical and economic structures we are familiar with are breaking down. At the same time, many new and wonderful things being reborn. Although a great number of people are experiencing challenges, there are also many people alive today who are thriving beyond their wildest dreams. The difference lies in a person’s state of consciousness. Living Awakening teaches you the tools you need to live in this time of change, in a state of inner freedom, so that you can discover the gifts you were born to give, and deliver them fearlessly to the world. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of internationally celebrated faculty, like Marriane Williamson, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Genpo Roshi, Lynne Twist and Michael Beckwith, Living Awakening is the quick guide to discovering inner freedom, and transforming it into a dynamic way of life.

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The Deeper Love Retreat-at-Home

The Deeper Love was developed by my wife, Chameli, and I, to help couples who are seeking to bring sacredness back into relationship, and for single people who are ready to attract a deep and committed partner. This retreat-at-home is a dynamic initiation into the deeper and more fulfilling layers of intimate relationship. Whether you’re in a committed relationship, or actively preparing yourself to meet your ideal partner, The Deeper Love will empower you to embrace the true potential of intimate relationships. The Deeper Love is your conduit into heightened awareness, freedom and joy. A life devoted to love, well beyond the ‘honeymoon phase.’ A life of abundant honesty and unending discovery. A life well-lived. A life well-loved.

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