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Remember that old phrase: “Don’t do what I do, do what I say”?  My grandfather used to say it to me.  Well, I want to offer you the opposite suggestion today.  I tell you a lot here on this site about what I have to say.  Now here is something I actually do.  Here is where I go for support.

In my opinion, Dave Ellis is  one of the greatest coaches alive today.  Here are just a few of the amazing people he has supported to acts of greatness.  He coached Muhammad Yunus, who then went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize. He coached Lynne Twist, who then went on to found the Pachamama Alliance.  Dave has also coached the leaders of some of the world’s biggest non profit organizations in the world, and all sorts of people you may never have heard of to do incredible things.

Here is a video of a conversation I had with Dave recently, to introduce him to you.

I am starting a 9 month group coaching program with Dave, and several of my friends and colleges are going to be part of it too.  You might like to join as well.

Here is information about the full 9 month program. Dave has offered significant scholarships to my friends, like you.

And here is information about the first weekend event, in San Francisco.  You can do this weekend on its own, without taking the rest of the 9 month course.   Once again, Dave is being very generous with discounts and scholarships to my friends and referrals.

If you would like to join the weekend in San Francisco,  or the full 9 month program, you can call Bill Rentz at 1-605-390-2343, or e mail Bill here


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