Feel Devotion to Those Close to You


Here is a passage from my book Leap Before You Look.

Set aside a day
As an act of worship.
Rise early, wash, and put on clean clothes
As if you are preparing for a wedding.
If it is part of your life to pray or meditate,
This is a good day to connect before you leave the house.
See everyone and everything as a manifestation of the divine.
Look with the eyes of devotion.
There is no need to bow or scrape or namaste,
Or even to change your outward behavior in any way
To suggest to anyone that this day is different than any other.
This practice is a change of perception, not of behavior.
The effects will last for many days.
Do not do this practice very often
Or it will quickly become stale.

This is an advanced practice, and not one to start out with. To be done properly, it requires sobriety and awareness of your shadow sides and projections. You can start out with very small doses: bring a quality of devotion to the person at the cash register in the supermarket. Don’t do it in any outward way, but simply in the way that you perceive people and how you feel them in your heart. Bring a quality of devotion to your child or your spouse, just for a few minutes at a time. You can build up to longer periods of time, and a greater variety of people.

For many of us, the most difficult assignment, but also the most powerful, is to bring this practice into the workplace and be able to see our bosses and co-workers as deities. This is a very high level of practice. There is a taboo, especially in the Western world, that our place of work and feelings of love, devotion, and spiritual awakening have no common ground. But what a waste! Most people spend at least eight hours a day at work, and if you add in the time to get there and the time to get home, and the time spent preparing for work and the time spent unwinding, most of your life is work-related. If your connection with the divine is shut out of your work, what do you have left?>

Everyone has had feelings of devotion from time to time. Perhaps when you have prayed, or when you have met a very great teacher or mystic, your heart has overflowed with devotion. It may have happened in a moment of great beauty, perhaps upon seeing a sunset or a magnificent work of art. We have the tendency to think that these feelings were caused by the teacher or the deity or the sunset, but they are also just symptomatic of an open and loving heart. As difficult as it sounds, there’s no reason you can’t bring this same openness to the people close to you in your day-to-day life.

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  1. Adrienne Riddell October 12, 2011 at 2:00 am // Reply

    Dearest, yes yes ! To meet The Beloved every where and in everyOne and in every circumstance and event. What a joy as we all live through these amazing times . lots of love and kisses to us all from us all in this tiny community of Denmark at the bottom of Australia.


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