The First Miracle: Everything Changes

Here is a passage from my book The Translucent Revolution.

People who live translucently enter into an evolutionary process of feeling more and more, while becoming less and less reactive. They can feel without a story, without justifications. Usually, we need to say: “I am angry because of what so-and-so did.” Most of our energy then goes into changing so-and-so and very little into what we feel. It is very, very rare for anyone to be willing to feel without a logical cause:

“How are you doing?”

“I’m so mad I could kill with my bare hands.”

“My God, why?”

“No reason, it’s just a wave passing through. Feels great, actually. I love it!”

Translucents can be with feeling as a vibration, just as one might listen to a piece of music. If we are deeply honest, we have no clue about why we are feeling what we feel. Is it really the parking space? Or was it that funny remark in the elevator last week, or the promotion last January? Perhaps I am actually angry with my father. More likely, that extra glass of cheap wine last night is the culprit. Most of our stories are inaccurate, and in the final count there is no one reason for any specific feeling. The more stirred up you become, the more complicated things get and the more you are pulled into reactive behavior and disconnected from your depth.

When we feel without a story, our feelings become less distinct, more a part of one another. They defy labeling. Let’s look at an example. You are on a first date. You feel a quickening in your heartbeat, a tightening in your belly. Label it fear, and you have the beginnings of one story: I might get rejected. I know I’ll say something stupid. Label the same feeling excitement, and spin a different story: Maybe he’s the one. But if you leave the sensation undefined, and just feel it as a mystery, you discover that fear and excitement are a hairbreadth apart, separated only by a different explanation. They easily change into one another.

Try this the next time you feel afraid. Ask yourself if you know, for sure, that what you’re feeling is fear. Could it equally be labeled excitement? Can you leave it without any label at all? The same is true of grief and gratitude. The next time you feel deep grief, see if it is possible, just for a moment, to feel it more deeply while thinking less about why. Then look around at anything, a flower, a color, a bird, and see if your tears are only of regret or also of thanks. Fear and excitement, grief and gratitude, anger and power, sadness and vulnerability: they are all separated from one another when we make them into an emotional drama but one when we feel them as pure energy. Chameli talks about how our feelings shift:

Stay alert to changes. Be aware that your feelings might change any moment. When you say “yes,” but not just to make it go away, you will very soon discover that it is changing all the time. The story, the explanation, keeps it going on a track that would otherwise change very quickly. When you are present with feelings, they are just waves arising and changing into something else. Just to be in that flow brings you into the present, which can be very light, or may become anger, or change into sadness, and then change into laughter. It changes so quickly. The Big Love is right here, all the time, it is the medium in which all the waves are moving. It is always right here. If we are not following the addiction to a story, feelings change quickly.

The more we become emotionally reactive, the more complicated things get, and the more we are disconnected from depth, and from the present moment. The more deeply we can feel, the more at peace we become and the simpler outer situations become. We can really give the gift of pure response to the situation instead of reacting to it. We can express what we are feeling, in tune with the present moment. We are no longer carrying any resistance. Now grief or anger or overwhelming affection can all be gifts to enhance the world, to bring to it more color, more aliveness. Feelings become a form of honest gifting, a generosity of spirit.

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