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19076706I’m just back from four weeks of traveling in Austria and Germany. It was an extremely rewarding and intense tour through many German cities, culminating in the residential Awakening Coaching Training.

Traveling around the world over the last many years has been a great privilege. It has given me an insight into what’s going on these days on the planet, in a way that I might not have had otherwise.

More and more, year after year, I notice that there is a strong choice we are all presented with at this time.

This is a time of extraordinary change. Almost nothing is the same way it was one or two generations ago. Whether in technology, or medicine, or the economy, or politics, or marriage or parenting… everything is up in the air. More or less everybody agrees with this.  Some people might say it’s a terrible thing, and the whole world is going down the tubes at a terrifying speed.  Other people might say it is a marvelous thing, that humanity is evolving to a more integrated level of consciousness. But whatever evaluation you put on it, it is definitely a time where everything is different than it was before.

So here is the choice I’ve been talking about. Remember the opening lines of Charles Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities? “It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times.” That is pretty much what I notice, as I go back, again and again, to the cities where I’ve taught before and meet the same people: whether it’s in Munich or Manchester or Memphis. It’s the same thing.

There are times when we experience extraordinary difficulty and suffering. We feel stuck. Finances seem hard. Relationships are hard. Health is flailing. All of this gets externalized as seeing the world in a terrible state: there is always abounding evidence that something is going wrong.  You can focus on chem-trails, or the enormous inequality of wealth in the world, or the dominance of big pharmaceuticals and the commercialization of food. All these are evidence to illustrate the story of bad, bad, bad, news.

And then there are the times, many of them actually, where we fall into a steady flow of  fulfillment. We find that many of our previously perceived problems have just cleared up on their own. Health is not an issue. Money flows in and out quite naturally. Relationships are balanced and loving. Then we  experience very little personal drama. We have a high level of personal fulfillment, very few problems, and we feel highly empowered and motivated to make as big a difference as we can.

Over the last many years I’ve noticed that the gulf between these two frequencies is continuously widening. There seems to be less and less of a grey zone available to live in. When we are tuned into a  problem-oriented view, we  have greater and greater problems to deal with. When we flip to the other view I am talking, we have a hard time finding anything to complain about at all.

So what makes the difference? Is it luck? Is it hard work? Is it some kind of mystical connection with divine energy?

surfing1I think it actually comes down to something very simple. This time of rapid change is something like a huge tidal wave. It has the power to be very destructive, but it also has the power to allow you to move very rapidly forward, along multiple lines of development. The key, in my experience, to falling into a frequency of unconditional fulfillment and inspired action is learning how to ride this wave of change and to say “yes” to it.

Almost without exception, when we are having a hard time these days, we can discover that we are deeply resisting something that is happening. Whether its finances, or health or relationship there is a certain kind of stubbornness that wants things to go back to the way they were, and that refuses to be happy until the status quo is returned.When you fight a big wave, the wave always wins, and you end up bruised and battered on the rocks.

The alternative is to discover the art of surfing waves of change, and to discover a way to always see the evolutionary potential of everything that’s happening  to you.

I could give you thousands of examples of how I’ve seen this played out with people all over the world in the last years. The most vivid example is from my friend and collaborator Barbara Marx Hubbard. Back in 2002, Chameli and I went to visit her in Santa Barbara (great name for a city for her to live in eh?). We took her out to lunch, and she casually remarked to us that she had been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer. She was 72 at that time, and we reacted like people usually do upon hearing such news: with dismay and concern.  She just laughed and smiled back at us. “Oh no”, she said “It’s great news actually. It’s given me the perfect opportunity to carefully watch the activities of thought, and to observe which thoughts are supporting balance and health, and which are not.”

bmh_gardenSure enough, 12 years later Barbara is in great health. She is 84 now, and when we spend time together she has more energy than I do.

You could easily extrapolate the lesson in Barbara’s blood cancer to changes in relationship, challenges with money, aging, burn out, you name it. Everything is a problem if you resist it, and everything is an opportunity for massive expansion and creativity if you learn how to surf it.

Barbara and I talked about this on a call last Saturday. You can listen to the replay HERE. We had so many people on the call that the sound got dropped somewhat frequently, but don’t let it put you off. She and I coached many people to recalibrate the challenge in this way.

We are going to have another call in this way on April 2nd. It’s free, please join us.

If you want to take the next Bold Leap, Barbara and I are offering a 30 day adventure starting April 5th, called Wings Meets Roots. Every day, we are going to send you an audio recording of a dialogue between us. Each one is between 5 and 12 minutes long. We’ll also send you a short practice to try out during the day. During the 30 days we are going to talk about all the common challenges which people face today: with health, money, relationships, anxiety, depression, parenting. You name it. And we will show you, in each and every case, how to transform a seeming problem into an opportunity to surf the waves of evolution and benediction, that are flowing over us at this time.

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