How to Become Deeply Happy

There are so many things that we can find to disagree about. Pro Choice or Pro Life? Left wing or right? We can disagree about the economy, the environment, about God and heaven and what to eat, and when to sleep and how to exercise.

But there are some things where more or less all of us agree. And one of them is that we all want to be happy. You might meet a pacifist who is opposed to the military, or a socialist who is opposed to inherited wealth, or a fundamentalist who is opposed to gay marriage, but how many people have you met in your life who are ideologically opposed to happiness? Its one of those things where we all find our common ground.

doctor_teray_garchitorena_naturopath_wide2Dr Teray Garchitorena is a Naturopathic Doctor, and one of the founders of the Berkeley Naturopathic Group. A few years ago she seemed to have everything one could want: a thriving alternative medical practice, a great marriage, enough money to do whatever she wanted. But she also found her herself crying a lot, complaining, unmotivated, afraid that she would amount to nothing. From time to time, she thought about killing herself, but she didn’t want to inflict the pain on her mother, her husband, and her family. She thought about taking medication, but when faced with the endless list of side effects in small print on the back of the package, she had second thoughts.

Once Teray realized there was no easy escape, she had to accept that she was truly depressed. She quickly decided, as a doctor, that if this was happening to her there must be something she could learn from it. She decided to investigate, as a clinician, what are the root causes of getting depressed, and what are the essential components of happiness. She knew that spiritual practice was an important element. She knew that exercise and the right diet and a sense of community all played a part. But then she realized the pivotal element which separates depression from happiness.

Teray realized she had not been living a life of purpose. She committed to answering the call she felt inside herself: to look for the recognition of why she is here and what she is born to contribute.

Today Teray is a completely different woman. She’s still a doctor, but she is no longer subject to those feelings of doom and gloom. She has discovered the essence of what it takes to live from a solid platform of happiness day-to-day, instead of happiness being a fleeting high now and then.

Over the last years, Teray has undertaken a massive project in studying the true causes of happiness, as well as the most effective and reliable ways to overcome depression in a stable way. She’s interviewed and consulted with all the greatest experts she could find.

She interviewed me recently for a summit she’s hosting, appropriately titled “Deeply Happy.” I was impressed with some of the other people who she’s invited to be part of this important event. She’s got ND’s and MDs and creativity experts and spiritual teachers and diet experts and everything in between. This is a woman who is truly grateful for the journey from despair to dedicating her life to something meaningful, and she’s got a passion to play it forward and pass it on.

Please join me with Dr. Teray Garchitorena and all of her guests for the most comprehensive summit I’ve yet seen about happiness.

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