Judgement Day

Stefan_Lochner_006All kinds of prophecies exist: Christian, Mayan, Hopi and Vedic, predicting that there is going to be a time coming when there is a judgement day: when some people go to Heaven, who are saved, and some people are plunged into great doom. There was a lot of hoopla in the late 2000’s, building up to 2012, that this date would come in December of 2012. Some people imagined that 144,000 people would actually be pulled upward through the clouds into the Heavens, and would thereafter live with angels playing harps, and everybody else would be stuck down here swimming in dog feces. Then December 2012 came, and went, and we got headway into 2013 and many people thought, or said, “It was all nonsense.”

But let’s look again.

We tend to interpret these things literally: that people would physically suddenly zoom up into the sky, as if wearing a jet pack. Interpreting prophecies literally is sometimes a little naive: the meaning may be more subtle.

Imagine that the meaning of these prophecies is actually symbolic, or at least more subtle, and it does not mean people would actually go up in the sky. Perhaps the meaning of the judgement day prophecy is that there would come a time when our experience here becomes polarized: into a living Heaven, or a living Hell, without anyone actually having to go anywhere.

To illustrate this, I want to tell you a great story from the Zen tradition. There was a university professor who came to visit a Zen master. The Zen master was speaking to his visitor about how, through meditation and mindfulness, you can live in Heaven now. Then he boasted a little and said, “All of my followers, they have learned how to live in Heaven now.”

The professor walked over to one of the guards who was standing there, laughed at him in an insulting way, and tickled him under the nose. The guard grimaced. Then the visitor turned to the Zen master and said, “This guard right here, is he living in Heaven or Hell?”

The Zen master very calmly said, “He’s living in Hell.”

The professor looked satisfied. To prove his point he said, “You see? You do not know how to teach people how to live in Heaven, because you have a guard in the same room with you, who is living in Hell.”

They talked a little more. The Zen master gave a discourse about meditation and mindfulness, about not blaming, not reacting, and coming back to the center. Then again he casually mentioned the same guard in the room, “the one who is living in Heaven.”

The professor piped up and said, “Wait a minute. Five minutes ago you said he was living in Hell.”

“Yes, five minutes ago he was,” replied the Zen Master. “But now he’s living in Heaven.”

Hell_vs_Heaven_by_i_R_SWhen we speak about judgement day, about living in Heaven or living in Hell, we assume that it is eternal. It certainly seems eternal. When you wake up in the morning full of shame and despair, without hope, it does seem eternal. It is psychologically experienced as forever. But you can change your space, and then you find yourself living in Heaven. Forever.

In a way, the judgement day did come, and go, in December 2014, and I want to tell you how. Through my work, I get to travel a lot around the world. A whole range of people come to my workshops. There are really wealthy, successful people. There are also people who are struggling. They all come to the workshops. I notice that there used to be a gray zone. There used to be a lot of people who were seekers; who were working on themselves, and had some hope that, though their lives are not perfect now, it is slowly getting better. This is life as a path. Today it is less and less like that.

When I meet people today, some are living, as I am, un-improvable lives. They have no problems. They are living in a state where everything is a blessing and a joy, and every part of their life is an unexpected overflow. It is showering blessings. For example, for me, both my children are doing unimaginably great. They are living lives that are beyond my wildest expectations for them. I have a fantastic marriage, to an incredibly beautiful woman with whom I have a passionate love affair. I am doing the work I most love, and getting well paid for it. I am in much better health for my age than I ever would have expected possible. I live in a beautiful house, basically in a park, where I’m paying very little mortgage because we managed to rent out a big chunk of it. And so on and so on. I live a perfect life. I live a life of blessing. So do most everyone I know: John Gray, Dave Ellis, Jonathan Robinson. Everybody I know is living a perfect life too. I am living Heaven now, and so is everybody I know.

I also meet people who are not in the middle, in the gray zone, but who say they are living in Hell. They have only problems. Health is bad. Finances are bad. Relationships are full of conflict. Every area of life is problematic. They are living a life that could not get much worse.

It is the same planet. Everybody is waking up on the same day. Some people open their eyes and see only horror, others see a river of blessing. The same planet.

We have reached the judgement day. We are past the judgement day. And we are living either in Heaven or in Hell.

But here is the small print that got missed from those prophecies:

Your choice, your freedom to create, your freedom of choice, always, ALWAYS, transcends any prediction, or destiny or karma. Always. Always. Always. Always.

Your capacity to return to being the source; to returning to being the creator of everything, your ability to return to being one with God, (just as Jesus was a great example) to be one with everything, always transcends the story of cause and effect. Always.

You could wake up in the morning one day in eternal Hell, and make some very wise choices, and quickly flip to eternal Heaven. A great example of that (not that I particularly endorse it, but nevertheless a great example), is that you can take substances to change your brain chemistry. One tiny substance, and you go from Hell to Heaven in seconds or in minutes. A good example (again, not that I endorse it) is LSD. Created by Albert Hoffman, a brilliant scientist at Sandoz Labs in Basel, this is a substance that is so infinitely diluted that you cannot detect it. You could put LSD on a piece of blotting paper and drug sniffing dogs, and even chemical labs, would not be able to find it. It is a substance that can hardly be detected at all. But take a minuscule, undetectable amount, and in half an hour to an hour you have shifted from Hell to Heaven. Right? You can even do the same with homeopathic medicine. It is such a miniscule amount that with a tiny shift in your body’s biochemistry,  you are having different thoughts and different feelings. These are illustrations of how, with the help of a tiny outside agent, you can shift from Hell to Heaven in a short amount of time.

bliss and joyYou can do the same by choosing forgiveness. You can do the same by choosing mindfulness and awareness. You can do the same by choosing gratitude, or laughter, or generosity, or oneness.

So in a way, at this time we are living now, on planet earth, on rock #456,221, we are past the judgement day. It has come and it has gone. We are living in a time now where you are either living Heaven or you are living Hell. There is far less gray zone available to you than there was in the 70’s or 80’s. There is no room left for being a seeker, for postponing. Either you know yourself to be one with God; to be the infinite creative source of everything, the eternal ray of light which streams through everything, or you are completely shut off from that. There is no room for seeking anymore. Seeking is for sissies. It is gone. It is finished. This is a time for taking your place in Heaven, forever, or rotting in Hell forever.

But don’t forget to read the small print. You can flip a switch and change “forever” in a second.  Like this one right now.

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4 Responses to “Judgement Day”

  1. madhurima March 3, 2015 at 7:18 am // Reply

    Just before I read this article, I was on phone with a friend and she asked me how is life… I said “Great”… “All is perfect – work, boss, relationships…” I felt taken care of. And then I read this and I thought of the amazing way in which my life shifted around 2012… and brought me to where I am today… Wow!


  2. Catharina March 3, 2015 at 7:42 am // Reply

    Last weekend, my son Moritz did spend with my parents, his belolved grandparents. On sunday my mother gave me a call, she said: \\”Right after your father was preaching at the church, a group of adults sat together diving into philosophy about how to get to heaven, as suddenly Moritz stud up and said out loud: \\”But we are living in heaven right now, only when I fight with myself or with others I am not in heaven\\” Thank You Arjuna, thank you Moritz for being such wonderful reminders in my life 😉 … I wish You all a heavenly day! Catharina


  3. Mirjam March 3, 2015 at 9:53 am // Reply

    While reading your blog I experienced different thoughts and feelings .. like: I did something very wrong as I am still a single mother, struggling with money, recovering from a burn-out, mourning over some great losses, no house on the hill, not for fun ar Freud’s table….thoughts of failure instantly bring me feelings of despair, sadness, anger and fear.

    After making this inner “ride” I landed with:
    It is not the absence of hardship that shows you where you are but the way you handle it when it strikes you!

    I would like your comment on this and thank you for sharing!


  4. Larry Sweet March 4, 2015 at 4:33 pm // Reply

    Thanks Arjuna, your absolutely right, we can\’t use \”I\’m trying\” as a reason for not exercising our most powerful tool of creation, our power of choice.


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