Masculine and Feminine Energy

To understand the full implications of practicing translucent sex, let’s explore the central core of David Deida’s work, which is a unique understanding of masculine and feminine essence. Deida calls awakening a “poke through,” which he defines as “the realization that there is no separation of anything from anything at all; there is just one consciousness that shows itself as light.”When we turn completely inward to our core, there is only this One, which Deida calls conscious light or luminous consciousness. For life to happen, the One divides itself into two principles: light and consciousness.

Everything that manifests, everything that arises, first as energy and then as matter, Deida calls light, the feminine principle: Shakti, the goddess, mother nature. That which remains still, always aware of energy and matter, is consciousness, the masculine principle: Shiva, godhead. All sex, all life, all creation, is the continuous penetration of light with consciousness.

Deida explains that each of us contains both polarities, both masculine and feminine essence: “Every human being tends to identify more with one or the other and so has a more masculine or feminine essence. If one identifies more with consciousness than light, then along with that identification goes a whole set of correlate activities that I call more masculine.” Most, but not all, men have a more masculine essence, and most, but not all, women have a more feminine essence. A very few individuals may be evenly balanced, but that is very rare.
The most revolutionary aspect of Deida’s gift has been the understanding that embodied awakening will express itself quite differently in different people, and specifically that it will have a very different flavor in masculine and feminine incarnations. Almost all religious traditions have implied that spiritual awakening means to transcend gender; they have advocated some sense of androgyny, which usually translated into everyone conforming to a masculine expression of awakening. Translucents represent a break from those traditions, because they accept and allow their humanness, as well as their transcendence.

Says Deida:
Human shapes are like trees, with knots, gnarls, and whorls of expression. When realization is expressed through a human, it is expressed through a specific human shape, much as the wind is given sound by the shape of a tree’s branches and leaves. As light shines through each human shape, it creates a unique art, the style of which is implicit in the medium of offering. Although the light or consciousness expressed by the translucent is always spontaneous, the conditioning of the medium’s shape creates each unique offering of love. As one becomes more translucent, one relaxes more and more as a spontaneous offering of love, consciousness and light to others. Each human, each individual body-mind, will display this offering in a unique way. The way is conditioned, but the offering doesn’t have to merely reinforce the conditioning. The difference between somebody who is more or less realized isn’t how much conditioning they have, but how much conditioning they reinforce, or how much conditioning is joyfully surrendered as the bright art of the unique offering itself.

A translucent man, with a masculine essence, will have a realization of undivided oneness, and a translucent woman, with a feminine essence, will have the same realization, but she will express it in a completely different way. In our collective shedding of millennia of hypermasculine role models, we are all relaxing into the recognition of both masculine and feminine expressions of awakening and living them more freely.

Masculine translucence expresses itself as penetrating focus. It is the part in every one that just witnesses and is simply aware of the swirling impres of life, like a Buddha statue. It doesn’t change or move but is constantly permeating everything. The masculine lives as total freedom in the midst of the shifting dance of form. It breaks through boundaries, remaining untouched in the center of the storm, empty, present, and conscious. The more translucent a masculine person becomes, the more he relaxes any attempt to distort his natural essence. He becomes more naturally masculine, not as a conditioned macho stereotype, but as that aspect of the original oneness that is conscious and empty and that pierces form with awareness. The masculine is the penetrating consciousness of the divine. Through him is offered the deepest gifts of clarity and unmoving presence.

When translucence expresses itself through the feminine, it has more of a quality of dancing light than of penetrating consciousness. The translucent feminine gives her gift as radiant love. The feminine in all of us is caring, endlessly forgiving, compassionate, and nurturing. She delights in color, texture, and expression. The more translucent a feminine person becomes, the more she relaxes any attempt to distort her natural essence. She becomes more naturally feminine, not as a Barbie look-alike, but as the aspect of original oneness that is radiantly loving and constantly surrendering. The feminine is the embracing love of the divine.


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