Give up the Struggle


You are already That for which you are seeking.
All that is required to know this
Is to give up the struggle.
It is so simple.

And when I say give up the struggle,
It doesn’t mean you don’t get stressed anymore.
This is so simple,
So undeniable.

Emotions coming and going are not a problem.
Strong emotions come
And disappear again.

Strong thoughts come
And disappear again.

There is only one tiny thing
That could possibly create a problem
In any of that,
And it’s such a tiny thing,
You can pop it with a tiny pin.

The only thing that could interfereBooks
With everything being natural and relaxed
Is the idea that
You shouldn’t have this stuff going on.

That tiny idea,
“I shouldn’t have this emotion,
I shouldn’t have this thought,”
Creates this wall within yourself
And then the sense of presence is lost.

The thoughts coming and the emotions coming
Are not a problem.

What is a thought?

It is an imaginary object.
It is something that does not exist.
It has no power.
Something that is imaginary
Has no power over you.

The only power it could possibly have
Is that you go into resistance to it.
If you fantasize that the object is real
You could suffer.

But the imaginary object itself
Will never hurt you.

How can something you have already recognized
To be an illusionary object affect you,
Except if you resist it?

A thought cannot hurt you.Flying off seed
A thought cannot touch you.
It has no power over you.

Beyond this
What is left
That is real
To hurt you
In this moment?
This is an excerpt from Arjuna’s book How About Now: Satsang with Arjuna. Click here to purchase your copy today!

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