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Finding the “I”

This is an excerpt from my book Better than Sex.  Awakening is not about changing the content of your experience in any way at all, or even about trying to change your thoughts. Awakening means simply to recognize the Open Secret that is experiencing all of this. In this moment you are hearing sounds, correct? You […]


Who Is Here? A practice

Right now, sitting where you are, reading these words, take a few moments to close your eyes and feel your body. Settle yourself . . . relax . . . come fully into this moment. Can you see the print on this page? It is seen, right? But seen by whom? In this very moment, […]

Ask, “Who Am I?”

Here is a passage from my book Leap Before You Look.   Be still and listen To the sounds around you. The sounds are heard, aren’t they? Heard perfectly. Now shift the attention from the sound To that which is hearing the sounds. What is that? What sound does that itself make? Ask yourself, who […]