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How to Discover Your Unique Gift

This is an excerpt from my book Better Than Sex.  The best way to discover your unique gift is to ask the people who have known you for a long time. Ask your parents, your siblings, your childhood friends. You can ask your spouse or partner, your children. These are the people who have come […]

No One Else Like You

This is an excerpt from my book Better than Sex. Take a moment and have a look at your right thumb. Now turn it over, so you can see the underneath. You can see lots of squiggly lines there. There are seven billion people on this planet, and none of them have the same thumb print […]

Awakening and Enlightenment

This is an excerpt from my book, Better than Sex.  Many people may wonder: Does this process of Awakening Coaching lead to Enlightenment? Before we can answer this question, we have to have some reference for what this word “Enlightenment” means. It has been used quite freely in English in the last forty years or […]

Finding the “I”

This is an excerpt from my book Better than Sex.  Awakening is not about changing the content of your experience in any way at all, or even about trying to change your thoughts. Awakening means simply to recognize the Open Secret that is experiencing all of this. In this moment you are hearing sounds, correct? You […]

What Is Awakening?

This is an excerpt from my book Better than Sex.   Come down with me now to the basement. Watch your head on the beam there. A few friends are down here, watching a movie together. I know, it smells a little musty down here. It got flooded during a storm a few years back and […]


Recreate Yourself

Many centuries ago, the poet Bunan wrote: Die while alive, 
And be absolutely dead. Then do whatever you want; It’s all good. Bunan is not talking about a physical death, or causing any harm to the body. He is talking about a willingness to let go constantly of the definitions you have placed upon yourself, […]


Why Do We Avoid our Greatness?

I’ve written eight books so far, and I just came out with the latest one, Better Than Sex. The books that I’ve written previously were a little more erudite, many had footnotes, a long bibliography, and careful references. About a year ago I realized “Hey, I’m in my 50’s, sooner or later I’ve just got […]


Masculine and Feminine Energies

When a man is run by masculine energy without any conscious presence brought to it, without any element of awakening, he is going to be run by the more unconscious aspects of the masculine. These are the qualities that are generally least attractive to the feminine. Some examples would be destructive competitiveness, being over-analytical and […]


The First Session

In your first session with an Awakening Coach, you explore the questionnaire that you completed. You are going to focus together on four really important questions: • What is your deepest longing? What are your aspirations, hopes, and dreams? These are big-picture questions, and do not need to be practical at all. Your coach wants […]



For almost all of us, we have tried to improve the quality of our lives by changing external things. We have tried to find the right partner; we have tried to find the perfect house with the perfect neighbors in the perfect community. We have tried to eat the right foods to have perfect health. […]


Melting Resistance

The process of melting resistance is really the process of relaxing the grip of our accumulated systems of belief, which we often lump together and call “the mind.” We resist things as they are when they conflict with the way we think things should or should not be. The best place to start is to […]


Fred Goes to Costco

**** ***** My new book, “Better Than Sex,” will be out this summer.  Here is a sneak peak for you: Let me tell you a little story about a man named Fred. Fred goes shopping at Costco.  Just like everyone else, he shows his membership card, he gets himself a shopping cart, and begins to […]