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You Have To Plug It In

I work intensely with about seven people a year. I spend a lot of my time sitting on my couch, wearing a headset, and talking to people on Zoom. The most important, but also the most difficult, role that I find I have as a coach is to help people to recognize the extraordinary power […]


Why People Get Coached

When I wrote my most recent book, Radical Brilliance, I conducted more than 420 interviews with the most brilliant people I could find, alive on the planet today. I was looking for common themes which they shared: habits, traits, and mindsets that were a reliable predictor of brilliance. Not all brilliant people are incredibly healthy (most […]


How to Grow from Disappointment

If we want to live extraordinary lives, you and me, if we aspire to be pioneers, to say the things that have never been said before, to do the things that have never been done before, to imagine things that have never been imagined before, we are in the same breath opening ourselves up to […]


Tailor-made Practices

I just got back from six weeks traveling and teaching in Europe. I worked on my book in Greece, traveled through Italy with my son and his girlfriend, and taught the Change Agents University retreat with my friend Luis Diaz. My time away culminated in the Awakening Coaching Training in Germany with 44 people from […]


What happens in Awakening Coaching?

When someone comes for Awakening Coaching, they have already become, to some degree,  disconnected from themselves. I don’t mean disconnect from their personal story, they are probably over connected with that. I mean that they have become disconnected from who they truly are. That is the standard setting for most people: they have some degree […]


Five Reasons to Get Coached

Last week, I wrote to you about my friend Jonathan Robinson and his powerful statement to me on the phone, “it is easier to be a teacher than a student.” We got a lot of interesting comments and email about that, and this week I want to jam on the same theme a little more, […]


When There is Nothing to Say

Every Monday I write a new post on this site. Something I’ve never written before – and hopefully something I’ve never thought before. On Thursday another post goes up, which is an excerpt from a book or something previously published. For this week, I got ready to write my post, and discovered I had nothing […]

The Unique Gift

Imagine this. Do you have small children in your life? Perhaps you have your own children, or nieces or nephews, or grandchildren, or maybe the children of friends or neighbors. Imagine that you go to the toy store and buy the gift that would make one of these children incredibly happy. When my kids were […]