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Calling Back Judgement: Just Like Me

This practice, from my 2008 book Leap Before You Look, was also featured in the new film Awake in the Dream.  It is short and simple to use, but remarkably effective and transformative.  Try it out, and post your experiences in the space below. Whenever a judgment or evaluation Arises within you, Whether positive or […]


The Big Pain

Feminine translucent practice is not always easy. As we start to say yes, everything that we have pushed away will return to be embraced. However deeply we may have been touched by an awakening, however committed we may be to living life from the depth of realization, to really feel without defense demands great courage. […]

Spiritual Activism

Without an inclusive approach, environmental, political, or social activism can easily add to the feeling of blame, of us against them, and evoke resistance and a hardening of opposing positions. Once a group of well-meaning young friends was concerned about proposed clear-cut logging in our mountain community. They saw the lumber company as evil, money-grubbing, and inflexible, and they took […]