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A Deeper Source

Translucent art does not come from the artist’s personal identity, but rather through it. In this sense, all great art is, and always has been, translucent. Mastery anywhere is to be aligned with That. It lives, acts, speaks through you. So these artists or sportsmen, in that field of activity, are able to enter that […]


The Potential Of Religion

If the translucent revolution prevails, can we expect to see churches and synagogues closing? Will Grace Cathedral be remodeled as the world’s largest Ikea (come to think of it, the Ikea outside Stockholm could contain several cathedrals), with millions of translucent people set free and wandering aimlessly on Sunday mornings, filled with an ecumenical devotion? […]



I was at a dinner last week with some very smart people. If we had just recorded the evening, it would have made an incredible book or movie. One of the things we got to talking about was what is it that leads to true fulfillment, to ultimate fulfillment, to a feeling that you’re living […]


The Big Pain

Feminine translucent practice is not always easy. As we start to say yes, everything that we have pushed away will return to be embraced. However deeply we may have been touched by an awakening, however committed we may be to living life from the depth of realization, to really feel without defense demands great courage. […]

Become a Secret Agent of Global Awakening

Back in the late 80’s, Jacquelyn Small wrote a fantastic book called Transformers. It was a revolutionary book that influenced me more than anything else I can remember at the time. This was long before Eckhart Tolle came out with The Power of Now, long before Byron Katie developed The Work, and long before Satsang […]

Awake and Fully Human

Please enjoy the following except from an interview I did with Jennifer Hough of Soul Talk radio: Jennifer: Arjuna – I’d love for our listeners to hear – how do you describe how you distinguish that there are things in life that happen that can appear really, really serious, and how do you marry what […]