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What to do when someone is upset with you

Before we go any further you might ask the legitimate question,  “What are your qualifications, Arjuna Ardagh,  to write an article on this subject? Are you a psychologist?” “No, I am not.” “Are you a licensed psychotherapist?” No, also not.” “Do you have a Pd.D. in communications?” “Ummmmm.  No, I’m afraid not.” “So what on […]

The First Miracle: Everything Changes

Here is a passage from my book The Translucent Revolution. People who live translucently enter into an evolutionary process of feeling more and more, while becoming less and less reactive. They can feel without a story, without justifications. Usually, we need to say: “I am angry because of what so-and-so did.” Most of our energy […]


Welcome All Feeling

Here is a passage from my book Leap Before You Look. Whenever you feel provoked, irritated, or pulled to make a response, Stop. Sit back in the saddle. Scan your body and notice what you are feeling. Seek out any areas of strong emotional tension; feel what is there. If it helps you, label it: […]

The Genius of the Feminine

Here’s a passage from my book The Translucent Revolution. The feminine in all of us intuitively knows how to feel. People with more feminine energy (usually, but not always, women), whether translucent or not, have a much greater intuitive capacity to feel than people with more masculine energy. Amy McCarrel also works with women to […]

Integrative Medicine

  Here is a passage from my 2005 Bestseller, “The Translucent Revolution.” Dr. Jeremy Geffen is a widely respected oncologist and the author of the celebrated book The Journey through Cancer. He makes the important distinction between the relative and the ultimate purposes of medicine: “When we encounter a health problem, whether it is a […]

Give What You Hope To Receive

Here is a practice you can use right away, from my book “Leap Before You Look.” When you notice yourself wanting something from your partner, Stop and label it. I need your respect; I need you to clean up after yourself; I need you to notice how much I do for you. Once you become […]

Call Out in Longing

Please enjoy the following practice from my book Leap Before You Look, Sounds True, 2008: Call Out in Longing Level of Difficulty ** On the beach or in the forest, Or alone in your room, Call out to the divine to reveal itself to you. Use your real voice and lips To call out in […]