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Discover Your Unique Gift

We all know that when there’s a crime somewhere, the police come as quickly as possible to take fingerprints. If they can get a good print off a door handle or a glass or something, computers can compare this print to every fingerprint that’s ever been taken, both from people alive and dead, to see […]

Memory in the Cells

My Luis Diaz has written a fantastic book called Memory in the Cells. He has kindly asked me to write the foreword, and here it is. I will be interviewing him about the book on Thursday, September 23rd at 6pm PST. To begin, I must confess that the way I am writing this foreword to […]

Did You Think I Was Dead?

Just as you might have given up hope of ever hearing from me again, just as you’re on the way to buy flowers for the funeral, we’re back. Did you miss me? As you might have noticed, I’ve been keeping an extremely low profile the last months. Hardly a blog post or a tweet or […]