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Do You Really Need That Thought?

    We hold many of our beliefs to be sacred simply as compensation for being in a state of mental fragmentation. I am a kind and tolerant person. Why would one need that thought? Many people are good, benevolent, and kind without ever needing to define themselves that way. We hold a strong belief […]


Ask, “Is It True?”

Here’s a passage from my book Leap Before You Look. When you notice yourself needing to be right, When you notice your mind is strongly attached to any conclusion, Stop and ask yourself, “Is it true?” Do I really know this? Is this an absolute, objective, unchanging fact? Would every sane person in the world […]

Pure Waiting

With record prices at the pumps, both Freddy and Fannie looking really quite punch drunk, much of California covered in smoke, and an economic forecast gloomier by the day, many people today find that their response to our world has gradually shifted from patient optimism to concern to, well, freakin’ out. As a writer, public […]