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Other Realization

This is an excerpt from my book Leap Before You Look.    Sit opposite someone close to you. This could be your intimate partner, or a friend. Each of you—look into your partner’s left eye. Look not just at your partner’s eye, but through the eye, Into that which is looking back at you. In this […]

Do You Really Need That Thought?

    We hold many of our beliefs to be sacred simply as compensation for being in a state of mental fragmentation. I am a kind and tolerant person. Why would one need that thought? Many people are good, benevolent, and kind without ever needing to define themselves that way. We hold a strong belief […]

Feel Tension and Welcome It

  Here’s a passage from my book Leap Before You Look: Scan your body with awareness. Seek out a place of tension or discomfort, And rest there with your attention. Feel this place exactly as it is. Feel it, be with it, just as it is. Feel it not so that it will go away, […]

The Deeper Love

For the last 8 years Chameli and I have been practicing and teaching an approach to intimate relationship which we call the Deeper Love. It has arisen one hundred percent out of our own personal experience, and our longing to bridge a schism which can often be confusing and painful. We have taught this as […]

Other Realization

Here is a passage from my 2005 Bestseller, “The Translucent Revolution.” As a child, Michael Barnett went on vacation every year with his family to Broadstairs, on the southeast coast of England. On the beach, there was always a Punch and Judy show, a small tent with an opening like a stage at the top. […]