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Emotional Endurance Training

This is an excerpt from Conscious Men, a book I co-authored with John Gray. As we grow more in conscious masculinity, we discover that we can transform pain into pleasure simply by staying present. The charge of negative emotion dissipates just by holding it and by not resisting it. A man who has learned to […]

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Transcend Your Genetics

Through practice, you learn to move beyond your genetics and your conditioning, and you begin to transform your ability to love into a deliberate art form. We can understand this better by thinking about your body. You might have been born to muscular, stocky parents. Then you are naturally a solid and muscular guy. You […]

Pure Waiting

With record prices at the pumps, both Freddy and Fannie looking really quite punch drunk, much of California covered in smoke, and an economic forecast gloomier by the day, many people today find that their response to our world has gradually shifted from patient optimism to concern to, well, freakin’ out. As a writer, public […]