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Who Is Here? A practice

Right now, sitting where you are, reading these words, take a few moments to close your eyes and feel your body. Settle yourself . . . relax . . . come fully into this moment. Can you see the print on this page? It is seen, right? But seen by whom? In this very moment, […]


Go Out And Boogie

A common concern that I hear from friends and clients is that when they are in Satsang, they feel free and empty, but when they return to their day to day lives, they easily get identified. When you go to the movies, first you pay for your ticket. You give some energy to have an […]

Breathe Totally

Notice how you are already breathing in this moment. Is the breath coming more into the upper part of the body? Is it reaching the diaphragm? Or is the breath reaching all the way down to the lower belly? After just watching the way you are breathing for a couple of minutes, Begin to bring […]

Feel Tension and Welcome It

  Here’s a passage from my book Leap Before You Look: Scan your body with awareness. Seek out a place of tension or discomfort, And rest there with your attention. Feel this place exactly as it is. Feel it, be with it, just as it is. Feel it not so that it will go away, […]


This is a practice from my latest book: “Leap Before You Look.” This practice is chosen from the section “Meditation Practices.” In the midst of your busy day, when there seem to be so many things to do, Stop. Stop moving, stop talking, Stop what you are doing, and feel. Hold your body in the […]