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What do you want?

I arrived at Joey’s upstairs apartment at four o’clock. He was waiting for me, sitting in the same little room where he had delivered his life story to us a couple of nights before. A cup of tea was waiting for me on the table, next to his own. He looked at me for a […]


Drop Away

“You’ve got so caught up in trying to win the game, or should I say trying not to lose, you’ve forgotten how to play for fun.” “But you can’t do that kind of thing, its completely irresponsible,” I said, realizing I was repeating myself. “On the contrary,” said Joey, “I feel very able to respond […]


Time-release Formula

“You know, Joey,” I began. “None of these lessons are exactly easy. It could take me years of practice to master even one of them.” Joey opened the cupboard above the kitchen counter. Dozens of kinds of herbal teas. He opened his eyes wide, and whistled. “What kind of tea do you want?” “Whatever. Whatever […]

The Yoga Class

Yoga has never been a primary strength for me. I prefer gentler approaches to caring for the body, like taking long baths, lying in bed, or receiving massage. Sam soon had us doing things I would not have thought possible or advisable. We had to stretch our legs straight out in front of us, and […]


The Arrest

Out past Yarrowville the trouble began. We were on a small, two-lane road, very straight, lined by tall yew trees standing naked to the sky, like anorexic models. As the Eagles declared I’m already gone, Joey’s foot hit the floor. The speedometer rose steadily, 50, 55, 60, on and on it went.  “We have to […]


Blind Man’s Baseball

Without a moment’s warning, he threw the ball forcefully toward me. For a man in his late 70s, he had the pitching power of a 20 year old. I missed completely. The ball sailed off behind my head. I went scurrying after it. After a search of a minute or two, I brought it dutifully […]