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Liquid Beliefs

This is an excerpt from my book The Translucent Revolution: How People Just Like You Are Waking Up and Changing the World.    As we deepen our practice of relaxing, waiting, and not knowing, we start to experience our points of view as if they were a variety of costumes. We dress ourselves up for play, […]

Children Are Natural Translucents

This is an excerpt from my book The Translucent Revolution.    Children are naturally translucent, freshly arrived from and in touch with an inner spaciousness. It is very easy to connect with your child in a translucent way if you are connected with yourself. Many parents talk openly with their children about moments of awakening […]

Translucent Aging

This is an excerpt from my book The Translucent Revolution.  We see the fruits of a translucent life nowhere more vividly than when people grow old. Here, the contrast between a life lived in servitude to the Iago trance, and one that has been transformed through awakening, becomes stark. Just as Iago habits catch up […]

Awakening and Enlightenment

This is an excerpt from my book, Better than Sex.  Many people may wonder: Does this process of Awakening Coaching lead to Enlightenment? Before we can answer this question, we have to have some reference for what this word “Enlightenment” means. It has been used quite freely in English in the last forty years or […]



Carolyn Anderson and John Zwerver, the founders of a UN-affiliated organization called Global Family, call this model of people working together “co-creation.” Anderson is the co-author of The Co-Creators Handbook. She defines co-creation as “co-participating consciously with the laws or patterns of life itself, conscious alignment with the essence of others and with nature.” Anderson […]


The Goddess on Wall Street

Amy Domini is not the only woman bringing feminine sanity to corporate America. In living memory, wealth was traditionally passed down through families to the firstborn son. Money stayed in the hands of men. At least in the Western world, this practice has become more or less completely obsolete. Because women live longer than men, […]


All in the Now

The transformation of religion from dogma to direct mystical awakening is not limited to a small bunch of Unity churches on the West Coast of America. Richard Holloway was the Bishop of Edinburgh till he retired in 2000. His attitude toward religious life has been totally transformed since his awakening a few years ago, which […]


Feminine Practice

Maria attended one of our retreats a few years ago. Now in her fifties, she has been practicing meditation, which she had learned from a well-known Indian guru, for more than thirty years. She had a very calm, empty, silent presence. She dressed in plain, very sensible clothes, and her gray hair was cut in […]


Relax and Wait

The key to accessing a deeper source of thought and action is the willingness to relax and wait. In Iago’s trance, “I don’t know” is to be avoided at all costs. Translucent action requires the wisdom of “I don’t know” as its firm foundation. Through practice, we come to recognize that the thought machine is […]

Break Boundaries

Dana Lynne Andersen suggests that her students paint on newspaper to get away from the idea of a blank canvas. Sometimes she gives people just eight colors, and two minutes to cover the paper. Not much time to think: “As an art teacher, I’m a midwife, a facilitator. You can gauge the process and tell, […]

Spiritual Activism

Without an inclusive approach, environmental, political, or social activism can easily add to the feeling of blame, of us against them, and evoke resistance and a hardening of opposing positions. Once a group of well-meaning young friends was concerned about proposed clear-cut logging in our mountain community. They saw the lumber company as evil, money-grubbing, and inflexible, and they took […]

Inherent Evolution

  As we deepen in translucence, we discover another dimension of our relationship to identity. It begins with the absolute acceptance of things as they are, of all our strange quirks and addictions and banana nabbing. Once we recognize everything to be fine as it is, we can relax even more deeply. We can feel, within […]

Do You Really Need That Thought?

    We hold many of our beliefs to be sacred simply as compensation for being in a state of mental fragmentation. I am a kind and tolerant person. Why would one need that thought? Many people are good, benevolent, and kind without ever needing to define themselves that way. We hold a strong belief […]

What Is Translucence?

Here is a passage from my book The Translucent Revolution. Webster’s dictionary defines translucent as “letting light pass through, but not transparent.” A transparent object, like a clean sheet of glass, is almost invisible. You see everything through a transparent object as if it were not there at all. An opaque object, on the other […]

Excerpt from The Translucent Revolution

Please enjoy the following except from The Translucent Revolution, New World Library, 2005: Millions of people have now had an awakening glimpse into their real nature. The experience may not be stable, but it can never be overlooked again. It is not the access that challenges us now, but the actualization of it in our […]

The Worst of Times, or… The Best of Times?

If you’ve watched the television news in the last few months, or listened to the radio, or been on the internet, or looked at a magazine… or even just talked to well… anybody, you must be aware that the general consensus is that this is a time of unprecedented challenge and transition. Economically, that often […]