Lynne McTaggart’s The Bond is a Must Read


One of the really great things for me about being a member of the Transformational Leadership Council has been to get to know Lynne McTaggart and her husband Brian Hubbard.  They are both funny, very intelligent and insightful people, and it so happens that they both have new books out this year.  More of Brian’s book in another post.

You probably already remember Lynne McTaggart from her book “The Field,” which became an instant bible in the world of expanding consciousness, and has been translated into 30 languages.  Here next book, “The Intention Experiment,” demonstrates the power of our intention, particularly in groups, to create healing and to impact our environment.  

I participated in an extraordinary experiment with Lynne once.  She set up a group of scientist with some seeds planted in soil in a laboratory.  They were divided into several different groups.  In another location, thousands of miles away, a group of us (several dozen friends) were able to see one of the sets of seeds over skype video.  We sent collective intention for “our” seeds to thrive.  Several days later we saw images of our seeds compared to the control groups, and there was literally double the amount of growth!  Lynne is great for just this kind of thing: she makes science and cutting edge discoveries in consciousness fun and approachable for short attention span neophytes like me and my equally lazy friends.

Her latest book, “the Bond” just came out in paperback, and I totally want you to jump on amazon right now and grab yourself a copy.  

It teaches you a new way of speaking, listening and living that enables you to move past a competitive mindset and make deep connections with anyone – even those who disagree with everything you stand for.  Lynne has an extraordinary gift for combining exhaustive research with page turning story telling.  You remember Dan Brown, who wrote the Da Vinci Code?  He admires Lynne’s work so much that he features her prominently in his latest book, The Lost Symbol.

The Bond is Lynne’s best book yet, which is why I want you to get a copy.  She has done endless research on our deep instinct and need to connect with each other, and the way that we can accomplish so much more when we are bonded, that when we act alone.  The stories in her new book are from a wide range of sources: Palestinians and Israelis, Republicans and Democrats, stories from business and politics and schools and prisons.  Every one of these stories shares one thing in common:  they illustrate our ability to harness the fundamental human need to connect, or Bond, and to move past ‘every man for himself’ to ‘we’re all in this together.’  

The book allows us to:

  • See the whole truth – not just your version of it
  • Create immediate harmony between you and everyone around you:  your family, neighborhood or office  — even perfect strangers
  • Connect again and get close after the deepest differences or transgressions
  • Get a disputing group of people — at the office, at home or in your neighborhood —to put aside individual differences and band together cooperatively
  • Use tiny everyday acts to cause giant waves of transformation around you

You can find out more about the book at her website, and also get some extra downloads when you buy your copy, here.

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